Pierde în greutate 25 fps

Apr 10, 2016 (You can't display images for half-a-frame, or a quarter-frame. If your project/sequence is 25 fps, then the shortest duration you can display.

Jul 18, 2013 When something is being filmed specifically to show on PAL, frame rates are adjusted during the shoot with cameras running at 25 fps instead .

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Aceasta se face in functie de numarul de nuclee, frecventa procesorului, marimea cache-ului, dar si alte tehnologii precum Turbo Boost si Hyper-Threading(despre care va spuneam.

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Yes, 150° is to be used for 60Hz HMI at 25fps: (1/25 s. x 150/360 = 1/60 s.) 144° is used to shoot NTSC CRT screens at 24fps: (1/24 s. x 144/360.